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About Wine PAntry…


Wine Pantry is London’s original, and multiple award-winning, exclusively English wine merchant. Founded in 2011, our ambition is to promote and support fine English wines, by sourcing them directly from producers and making them available to customers throughout the capital and the country.

Why English wine? Because it’s Great!
Indeed, the best of our wines are good enough to compete with, and beat, wines from around the world at international competitions every year. Yet customer awareness of this wonderful national produce continues to lag far behind that of imported wines: despite the United Kingdom being the world’s sixth-largest consumer of wine, only around 0.25% of what we drink is produced on our own soil.

Since 2011, we have been at the forefront of the English wine revolution, linking with an ever expanding number of quality producers from England and Wales, and selling their amazing products including English Sparkling Wine on our market stalls, online shop and to the restaurant and events trade.

2018 was a big year for the British wine industry, so let us help you discover something fantastic in 2019. This summer, book into one of our wine tours, come to one of our scheduled comparative tastings/masterclasses or let us organise a private tasting just for you.



English Vineyard Tours

Experience English Wine Country with us. Let us transport you out of the city and into the beautiful English vineyards for a day.


English WIne Tastings

See how English wines stack up against other well-known regions around the world.