Wine Tasting at Home

Let us turn your home into a tasting room and bring the wine lifestyle to you.

For a wine tasting at home, invite up to 20 of your friends, lay out a few simple canapés and enjoy pouring up the fun! Or let us provide everything from food to stemware. 

Our 2 options are…


A selection of 6 wines that speak to you and your tastes. A sparkling wine, 2 whites and 3 reds are tasted in order to showcase each wine’s unique flavour profile and characteristics.

You and I will chat about the wines you’d like to include.



English wines are becoming more popular. Let’s put them to the test!

We taste 6 wines: English Sparkling vs Champagne. English White vs New Zealand Sauvignon. English Pinot Noir vs Red Burgundy.


Add £5p/p for canapés.

Each tasting includes tips on how to sniff, swirl and savour like a pro and lasts about 2 hours.

PS: Just for hosting, we give you a Thank You bottle of wine, plus perks like 10% off for you and your guests on any wines you purchase through us at your tasting.